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Fitness Terms You Must Know

Learning fitness terms can benefit you in the fitness world. I recall when I never knew what some of the words was. After this blog,…

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Different Types of Fitness Calculators

Created are many fitness calculators to help you keep track, set goals, and inform. In my past blogs, I wrote about some of the different…

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Fitness Trackers, Are They Accurate?

Fitness Trackers has become very popular in the fitness industry. One point in time, I was tempted to go out and buy one. The wearable…

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How To Do Different Push-up Exercises

One of the most common effective exercises is push-ups. There are various forms of push-ups you can do. Although it targets the chest and shoulders…

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Fitness Equipments That Makes A Perfect Home Gym

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5 Components That Make Up Physical Fitness

Is Physical Fitness important? If you care about your health, then yes. There are 5 components that make up Physical Fitness: Cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance,…

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Why strengthen your core muscles helps?

What is core muscle? the core is one of our muscle groups, which is significant for everyday movements. Having your core in shape can help…

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17 Grams of Proteins For only $.99

Can you guess what it is? Buying protein ain’t always got to be expensive. In this blog, I will tell you one of my favorite…

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Protein shakes vs Food Protein

Protein shakes and natural food proteins have their pros and cons to the human body. Ask often is the question, do protein shakes work? In…

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Top 5 Calorie Burning exercises

Boxing, Basketball, Rock Climbing, etc. Are great in burning calories. Then, you may wonder which activity will burn the most calories. In this blog, I…

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